Welcome to May! Temperatures are warming up nicely. The lawn is a lush green again. All of my cars are back on All Season Tires. And I’m spending more of my driving time with the convertible top down again. I firmly believe those of us in northern climates appreciate nice weather far more than … say … my peers in San Diego. Fresh air and sunshine after a long winter are always treasured by relative comparison.

Only two pieces of recent news with a common thread: Mary.

  1. Last Sunday was my last time teach CCD for this season. Because it’s May, we followed past traditions and made this session themed about Mary the Mother of Jesus.

Yesterday morning I went in to visit the parish offices and talk with my counterpart to see what feedback she’s received from the families. Seems like there was a general consensus. Now I can only pray that next Fall’s CCD can be in person. I don’t want another year of Zoom-based instruction. I do that type of thing for work (albeit using Microsoft Teams), but at least (a) they pay me and (b) it’s far more interactive with co-workers than young adults.

  1. Yesterday I went to my first monthly Opus Dei Evening of Recollection since about the time that Michelle passed. So yes, over seven years! I went one or two months after she passed, but stopped because at that time I felt too overwhelmed with responsibilities as a new Sole Head of Household. I did continue to go to the smaller monthly “Circles”, but it was good yesterday to see many of the familiar faces again.

Again, because it is May, two of the three talks last night centered on Mary. I wasn’t surprised, as I used to always see that with May’s Evening Of Recollection. But hey, we could do worse than to imitate Mary: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.” If only we could all say that, mean it 100%, and trust like she could.