In my morning prayer today I came across this inspiring one, written in the early half of the 20th century, written by a Jesuit (!) Pierre Lyonnet in his work “Spiritual Writings”:

O Christ, I think of your kingdom, of which I am not worthy. I desire nothing but your will. Do with me what you will, but someday, my only beloved, show me your face openly! …

Let me feel myself impregnated with Christian optimism, a witness to unfailing faith in your victory, O Christ. O Christ, I may suffer in body and soul, but this does not matter as long as you are magnified. Who can prevent you from being the risen one? What evil is there that you cannot conquer? What sadness that joy cannot overcome?

It is a question of my joy! I no longer live; my joy, O Christ, is yours, O Son of God who conquered through your cross. I do not want to wrong you by letting myself become discouraged; that would be as if I acknowledged that you had failed, as if I were looking outside of you for victory.

O Christ, even if I were abandoned in everything, and it seemed that you yourself were no longer answering me, let me at least know that you will still give me the faith to cry out that you alone are the Master, you alone are the Lord, you alone the Most High, Jesus Christ, God eternally victorious, and that in you I am at every moment sure of victory.

Source: Divine Intimacy, Vol 4